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CNT04363 Time Delay Defrost Control Circuit Board

CNT04363  Defrost Control  Board  .
CNT04363 Defrost Control Board .
Item# CNT04363
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Product Description

CNT04363 Time Delay Defrost Control Circuit Board.(Trane, American Standard) Replaces Circuit Board Part Numbers:

21C140501G18 CNT04695 CNT4562 CNT01923 CNT01924 CNT01925 WW28X0328 21C140501G10 WW28X261 270155718400 21C140501604 C140501G06 CNT1071 CNT01071 CNT-1071 CNT1509 CNT01509 CNT-1509 CNT1153 CNT01153 CNT-1153 WW28X287 X13690149060 21C140501G18 CNT-1692 CNT1692 CNT01692 CNT-1509 CNT1509 CNT01509 X13690149140 C140501G14 270162095200 Z70162095200 CNT01923 CNT1923 CNT-1923 CNT01128 CNT1128 CNT-1128 CNT2514 CNT01926 CNT02920 CNT02921 CNT02514 CNT 2514 CNT04562 21C140501G22 21C140501G04 CNT1923 CNT02936 CNT02516 CNT02935 CNT02943 CNT1622 CNT1509 CARCNT2514 CNT4695 3363PF31F CNT4362 CNT04362 CNT3715 CNT03715 CNT2514 CNT02514 CNT1923 CNT01923 CNT04362 CNT4362 CARCNT4362 CARCNT04366,CNT4366.CARCNT5001. CNT04695 .

Used in Trane Equipment Models:

AWR036C100A 2TWR1042-SF-1 2TWR1042SF1 PWN030C100A3 TWN030C100A3 TWR030C100A5 TWR048C100A0 TWN024C100A2 TWD724B100A0 TWR742A100A0 6H1060A100A1 TWR742A100A0 TWP036C100A3 TWR036C100A1 TWR048C100 TWD724B XE1000 TWR042C100A0 TWD742A100A1 TWR048C100A0 TWD724B100A1 TWR030C100A2 TWR048C100 TWD724B TWR048C100 TWD724BC100 TWN042C100A1 WCY030F100AC TWP060C100A1 TWP060C100A2 TWP060C100A3 TWP060C100A4 TWR024C100A1 TWB736B100AO 6H0048A100A3.

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